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About This Trip

The Gateway To Africa Experience - Step out of your comfort zone or embark on another Maximum Impact travel adventure. An eight day trip to Ghana is just what you are looking for! Join Maximum Impact Tours as we experience the rich culture, charming colorful market places, beautiful beach front landscapes in Ghana!!  Become enlightened as you learn the history of the African Diaspora that is rarely taught in most go the world.  Easy payment plans available.


In an effort to make your trip a streamlined process, Maximum Impact Travel offers extensive online trainings in preparation for your trip. Once you secure your deposit, you will be invited to participate in a series of online courses that will have you ready for your journey. You can view these courses at your convenience.  


If you are interested in making the most of your experience, there are two optional add-ons in Dubai and Benin and Togo. Details below. 

Ghana Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival

Arrival At Golden Tulip Accra (or comparable hotel) You will receive shuttle service to the hotel from (ACC) Kokota International Airport -- relax for a while -- visit Accra Mall, get a bite to eat and drink -- Meet and greet your tour team. 

Day 2 - Historic Accra


Tour the surrounding area, visit local markets, drumming lessons, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Museum and Burial Site, Black Star National Square, Independence Arch, WEB Dubois Pan African Museum,  local restaurant

Days 3 & 4 - Exploring Historic Kumasi

Activities: Kente Weaving, Cocoa Tour, Adinkra Stamps Printing, Okomfo Anokye Sword Museum, Manhyia Palace,  Asante Naming Ceremony (for those interested) -- the elders will need the day of your birth. You will be given a Soul Name which is the day of the week you were born and a Spirit name which is your character. It is customary to wear white -- but not mandatory. (Be sure to use the restroom before going to the village). Kumasi Market -- get unique fabrics for a local seamstress to design apparel for you, purchase shea butter, black soap, etc. Local cuisine. 

Days 5 & 6 - Donkor Nsuo (Slave River) at Assin Manso. 


You may want to roll up your pants legs or wear shorts if you get in the river. This is where the African captives were allowed to bathe before the three week trek to the slave dungeons through the forest and rough terrain while being bound in chains and naked from head to toe. 

Day 6 - Kakum National Park


Head to Kakum National Park in Central Ghana, climb the mountain and traverse across the seven swinging canopy bridges. For the faint of heart -- don't worry -- there is an outdoor lounge just for you.

Visit the Cape Coast Slave Dungeon for a historic tour of their grueling accounts in the dark dungeons before exiting the "Door Of No Return". Return to Coconut Grove for meditation, rest and relaxation. 

Day 7 -The Makola Market & other shopping opportunities

Relax, Reflect & Enjoy 

For those opting not to go to the Makola Markets, relax, reflect and enjoy the amenities at The Golden Tulip. There will be an opportunity to catch some of the local restaurants for those interested. Catch an Uber to the mall, shop, catch a movie, a bite to eat or a cup of coffee.

Day 8 - Aburi Botanical Gardens & Departure

The Awakening Experience - Benin & Togo Extension

(optional & must be purchased with Ghana tour)

If you are looking to dive deeper into the true African history that is rarely taught in most of the world, this tour will walk into the heart of the diaspora experience. Put on your seat belts and prepare to learn about and see the lasting impact of colonization. 


Day One 

City- Lome. Togo 

Hotel - Onomo

Sites- Independence Monument, National Museum, Fetish Market

Day Two 

City - Quidah, Benin

Hotel - Casa Del Papa

Sites - Grand Popo, Architectural Monuments, Enslaved Market, Tree of Forgetfulness, House of the Enslaved, Cemetery of the Enslaved, Tree of Return, Door of No Return

Day Three

City - Quidah, Benin

Hotel - Casa Del Papa

Sites - Temple of Pythons, Museum of History, Sacred Forest, Stilt Village

Day Four

City - Quidah, Benin

City - Return To Accra, Ghana 

Golden Tulip Hotel (or comparable)

Day Five - Departure From Ghana



(Double) $1450 no airfare

(Single) $1850 no airfare 

Transportation To All Destinations 

All Site Entrance Fees

All Taxes


The Dubai Experience

(optional and must be purchased with Ghana tour)


Why Dubai? Maximum Impact Travel looks for added-value travel opportunities. When a travel route offers a 20+ hours layover in a popular destination, we will consider adding it. These layovers   provide exposure to another destination for minimal costs.  For those looking to make the most of their trip to Ghana, we are offering The Dubai Experience. While traveling to Ghana, you can take advantage of two layovers in Dubai. 




1. Hotel

2. Transportation

3. Trip to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

4. Trip to Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world

5. Dubai city tour by bus (to include a trip to Palm Island) 

6. Metro ride to Mall of Emirates




1. Flight must be booked through Maximum Impact Travel departing from Dulles International Airport two days prior to Ghana tour date. 


2. We have a minimum of five people total who must book this tour. In the event the minimum amount is not met, your flight will transfer to the standard group departure date from Dulles International Airport. Any payments made towards this extension only will be refunded. 


3. Dubai, UAE does NOT require a VISA for US Passport carriers. 

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