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Five-day Tour

The Republics of Benin and Togolese (Togo) – The Gulf of Guinea Excursion


The country of Benin is named after the Bight of Benin, the body of water on its coast. It

lies between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer in West Africa. Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa and has one of the highest standards of living. The people of both countries are ethnically diverse and openhearted.


The Awakening Experience

Travel with us to explore the post-colonial countries to Benin and Togo of Ghana on the West Coast of Africa. Togo sits between Ghana and Benin. Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa and has one of the highest standards of living due to it valuable phosphate deposits and export sector based on coffee, cocoa beans, palm kernels, peanuts, shea nuts, and cotton.  Like Ghana, their staple foods are cassava, rice, yams, and maize. The cuisine of Benin is corn-based dough and yams served with tomato or peanut based sauces, fish, and chicken. Avocados, bananas, kiwi, mango, oranges, and pineapples are the fruits. Sounds delish!

The people of Togo are close-knit and primarily those who immigrated from other parts of western Africa, encompassing 30 ethnic groups. The indigenous live in the northern and southwest part of the country.

Due to colonization, French is the government language of both Benin and Togo, yet native languages are spoken outside of official business and government. Benin is known as the slave coast due to the dominance of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Join us to learn about the ancestral beliefs, including Vodou, and dispel the myths. Join us to hear to see the tropical forests with beautiful baobab trees and mangrove and reed swamps. Go with us to see how shea butter is made. Come with us to enjoy the palm tree lined beaches, mountains, markets, scenic areas, and hilltop villages. Join us to uncover Benin’s oral culture, strong tradition in literature, and the music, which is a mix of indigenous, Ghanaian, French cabaret, African American, and Congolese rumba. Accompany us to visit the monuments, forests, markets, and the Door of No Return.


Day 1 – Welcome to Togo

  • From Lomé-Tokoin Airport in Togo, travel to the Onomo Hotel (or comparable hotel) via airport shuttle.

  • Settle in and relax until it is time to meet and greet your tour team.

  • Tour briefing

  • Site visits to Independence Monument, National Museum, and Fetish Market

  • Attend dinner at a local restaurant


Day 2 - Welcome to Quidah, Benin


  • Hotel - Casa Del Papa 

  • Site visits to Grand Popo, Architectural Monuments, Enslaved Market, Tree of Forgetfulness, House of the Enslaved, Cemetery of the Enslaved, Tree of Return, and Door of No Return


Day 3 - Quidah, Benin


  • Sites visits to Temple of Pythons, Museum of History, Sacred Forest, and Stilt Village


Day 4 - Quidah, Benin


City - Return To Accra, Ghana

Day 5 - Departure From Ghana

The Ganvie Lake Village in Benin

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