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Africa in South America - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

My travels to Africa led me to the most populated country for people of African descent outside of Africa, Brazil. Salvador in the state of Bahia, received the largest amount of the enslaved captives in Brazil.

What I experienced in Salvador was nothing short or amazing. To see so many people who looked like me in a place that had been largely hidden from me in America was the real eye opener. Although we did not speak the same language, we knew we had something in common that was special.

To see how the African-Brazilian population of Salvador preserved the African culture warmed my heart. It also revealed how much of the African population in America had its identity destroyed. It was a sobering reminder of the power or colonization and its lasting impact.

The food, culture and people were unforgettable and I look forward to my return with my group tours.

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