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Maximum Impact Travel connects people to the magnificent continent of Africa, and beyond. Whether in the Americas, the Caribbean, or Europe, the African diaspora has made an impact all over the world. As a result of the African continent's turbulent history, the descendants of native Africans have been spread all over the world. Yet, they managed to do something incredible... they held on to bits and pieces of their culture wherever they went. As a result, one can find a multitude of similarities and connections between African diasporans across the globe. Traveling beyond America's borders to personally experience these similarities, whether in tradition, food, or phenotype, is transformative and life-changing. Our Maximum Impact Travel team is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of international travel to Africa, and beyond.

A part of the Maximum Impact Travel team's philosophy is that international travel should be accessible to the African diaspora. So our team is always focused on ensuring the maximum value for our tours. We select the best accommodations, excursions, and experiences for the most economical prices.




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