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Eight-day Tour

Nov 2 - 9, 2021

The Gateway To Ghana Experience LIVE

Ghana: The Gateway to Africa Excursion



The name Ghana means warrior king. It is called the Gateway to Africa because it is the first location newcomers of the continent should go. It is one of the safest destinations in all of Africa and the people are friendly and welcoming. The port city of Accra is the seat of the government and commercial hub of Ghana.

Travel with us to explore the post-colonial country of Ghana on the West Coast of Africa. Its more than sightseeing, it’s an engaging experience to behold. Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in all of Africa. Prior to European interference and influence, Ghana was a flourishing empire (Ashanti Kingdom), which grew rich from gold deposits. The Ghanaian people include six ethnic groups (tribes), each located in different parts of Ghana. The Ashanti tribe, the largest tribe in Ghana, are known for the colorful and symbolic kente weave, wood carvings, art, pottery, and metal and bead work. Due to colonization, English is the official language, but native languages are still spoken.

The food, the food, you must experience. The features of Ghanaian cuisine are cassava, beans, maize, plantain, rice, and yams. It’s the spices, culture, and love that goes into preparing meals that will keep you asking for more.

Come with us to hear the drumbeats and witness the dancing. Come with us to see the national parks, wildlife, waterfalls, mountains, caves, and white beaches. Come with us to partake in the joy, the culture, and traditions. Come with us to the street markets to shop for handicrafts and enjoy street foods and snacks! Come with the expectation of being welcomed in the tropical paradise of Ghana! Watch the Ghana Chronicles, a mini documentary about Ghana: The Gateway to Africa Excursion.





Day 1 – Welcome to Ghana

  • Welcome to Ghana! Your adventure starts today as you step foot in Kotoka international airport. No need to deal with taxis or car rentals, we’ll arrange for a private shuttle that will take you to the hotel in no time. Once settled, you’ll get to know the tour team and have the rest of the afternoon to decompress. In the evening, we’ll enjoy a scrumptious dinner at a local restaurant as we go over the tour briefing. Your Ghana escapade is about to begin!


Day 2 - Historic Accra

  • Your Ghana adventure begins with a visit to Accra, Ghana’s bustling capital. We’ll start the day by touring the city’s beating heart, going to the local markets bursting with new smells, tastes and colors. To get even closer to Ghanaian culture, we’ll have the chance to enjoy an authentic Ghanaian drumming lesson. Feel these ancestral rhythms and enjoy an in-depth look at what makes this people unique.

  • Our tour will take us to Nkrumah memorial museum, the Black Star National Square and the Independence Arch, all built by Ghana’s first democratic government. As we walk across these spaces, we’ll get to know part of the country’s convoluted political past. Take a break by eating at a local restaurant full of mouthwatering dishes: it’s the best way to relax and enjoy the city!


Day 3 - Exploring Historic Kumasi


  • Today we’ll head to Kumasi, the long-lost capital of the powerful Ashanti kingdom. The second largest city in the country still drips with Ashanti traditions. To get here, we’ll hop on a quick domestic flight from Accra. You’ll be responsible for booking, but we’ll offer all the details before the tour starts. Once in Kumasi, we’ll explore the traditions that still linger below the surface. The day starts with a visit to the traditional Adinkra village. Here, you’ll enjoy an authentic Kente weaving and stamp printing experience, followed by a tour at a local cocoa farm where we’ll get to know how these beans became the best-quality cocoa in the world.

  • Back in Kumasi at Manhyia Palace Museum, you’ll discover how Ashanti culture permeates every aspect of life. Want to get even deeper into the local culture? You’ll have the chance to attend your own Asante naming ceremony where the elders will give you a soul and a spirit name.

  • The day finishes with a return flight to Accra.


Note: Flight cost is your responsibility. We will provide all flight details.

Day 4 - Donkor Nsuo (Slave River) at Assin Manso

(Travel by ground 3.5 hours to the river and Cape Coast region.)

  • Bursting with history and pride, Cape Coast is one of Ghana’s most significant spots. Discover the city as we revisit some of the country’s most painful memories. Get knee-deep into Ghana’s slavery past by stepping on the path of thousands of slaves. Our journey begins in Donkor Nsuo, or slave river, were prisoners had the chance to bathe before a 3-week naked trek through the dense forest. Then, we’ll go back to the city and visit the Slave Dungeon, in the bowels of the castle. Listen to first-hand accounts of the country’s grueling slavery route and go up to the Door of Return, previously known as ‘door of no return’, the last frontier between the dungeons and the huge slave ships waiting on the port.

  • Afterwards, we’ll return to Coconut Grove where you’ll have the time to dine, ride local horses, and relax.


Note: To avoid getting wet at the river, you will have to roll up pants legs or wear shorts.


Day 5 - Elmina Dungeon & Kakum National Park in Central Ghana


  • After yesterday’s heavy emotions, it’s time to unwind and enjoy Ghana’s lush landscapes. Today we’ll visit Kakum national park, where ancient trees, curious monkeys and beautiful birds await. After a short hike, we’ll get to the canopy trail, a series of 7 narrow swinging canopy bridges. Get face-to-face with Ghana’s most exotic fauna as you go through their natural habitat, more than 40 feet above the ground. For the faint of heart, no worries: there’s an outdoor lounge just for you!

  • On our way back to Accra, we’ll visit the Elmina slave dungeon.


Day 6 - Investing in Ghana


  • Get to know what makes Ghana one of Africa’s fastest-growing markets. After touring a new housing development, you’ll discover new construction opportunities and why this beautiful country has a growing expat community. You’ll have the chance to join informative sessions covering home ownership in Ghana, opening a business, and the administrative process to get a work permit or dual citizenship. Industry experts will be ready to answer all yourquestions!


Day 7 - Aburi Botanical Gardens

  • Discover the country’s most beautiful plants, luscious flowers and unique ecosystems. Accra’s Aburi Gardens are found just outside the city. Bustling with life, it’s a great place to take pictures, relax and grab a bite at one of the many nearby restaurants.

 Day 8 – Makola Markets

  • The last day of your Ghana trip you can do some more city exploring. The Makola Markets are a bustling, lively place where you’ll find unique souvenirs and get to know the rhythm of the city. Smell punchy traditional Ghanaian ingredients, touch authentic Kente cloth and revel in the feeling of being a local while you do some last-minute shopping. If you’d rather sit the markets out, you have the option of visiting the city’s malls, grabbing a cup of coffee or just enjoy the hotel’s amenities.