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Ethiopia – Thirteen Months of Sunshine Excursion


Ethiopia is a land-locked country in the Horn of Africa. In the oldest country in the world, which is millions of years old, each ethnic tribe continues follow their traditions, unencumbered by European intruders. Ethiopia contains 70% of the mountains on the continent, which can be seen from anywhere in country. It is the cradle of humankind.


Within its 420,000 square miles, 109 million people live, making it the second most populous country in Africa. The people of Ethiopia consist of more than 80 ethnic groups, speaking 200 languages, yet Amharic is the official language. Each society has upheld its own specific customs. What stands out most about Ethiopia is that they follow the Coptic calendar, original alphabet, and early numerical system. Also, their traditional clothing, musical instraments, jewelry, and utensils are something to behold.


In the Ethiopian plateau is the Blue Nile River, identified as the Tis Issat, which means smoking water. When the water droplets hit the river, a half-mile smoke-like effect occurs.  Take the bus with us to witness this magnificent 150-foot waterfall. Join us to see the monolithic obelisks located in Axum, Ethiopia’s ancient city. It’s the largest stone ever cut by humanity anywhere on earth. Other sites to visit include The National Museum of Ethiopia, which holds the bones of 3.2-million-year-old Lucy. Come with us to see the Ethiopian art on parchment as early as the 14th-century and canvas oil paintings from the 20th-century.


Ethiopian food of spicy meats and vegetable is delicious! Experience the cuisine as we dine together to scoop up the food and sauces with Injera on a communal platter. Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia. Its light to medium body and herbal, fruit, floral and notes makes it one of the best coffees in the world. To learn more about Ethiopia – Thirteen Months of Sunshine Excursion, sign up for a free 30-minute presentation with Jay Cameron.



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