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The Gateway to Africa Experience

Ghana is rapidly becoming the cultural, historical and business destination in West Africa. Complete with entertainment, dining and shopping options, Accra, Ghana welcomes the world to its shores.


The Awakening Experience

Benin & Togo offer a deeper look into history and how colonization has impacted the global African (Hebrew) community. Prepare yourself to learn about culture and history that can only be appreciated in person.


The Dubai Layover Experience

For those looking to make the most of their trip to Ghana, we are offering The Dubai Layover Experience. While traveling to Ghana, you can take advantage of two layovers in Dubai.


Ghana Tours 


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The Gateway To Africa Experience - Ghana

The Awakening Experience - Benin & Togo - Five Day Extended Stay  (optional)

Ghana is often referred to as the gateway to Africa because you are able to see first hand the history of the slave dungeons and slave river. You also learn the history before the transatlantic slave trade that is not being taught in most western schools. Enjoy the Ghanaian culture in multiple cities while staying in upscale accommodations.  Experience village life, get a taste of the night life, shop in the local markets and malls, visit historic landmarks, relax on the beach and much more. The Gateway To Africa Experience - Ghana is one that is sure to enlighten, educate and transform you. 

Benin & Togo offer a deeper look into history and how colonization has impacted the global African community. Prepare yourself to learn about culture and history that can only be appreciated in person. 

These tours have been designed to remove the stress of planning an international trip to Africa. We walk you step-by-step through the process with a streamlined system to ensure you have a most memorable experience. Browse our website to learn more about the Maximum Impact Tours mission and feel free to send us any questions you might have. 

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Watch how Ghana changed Jay Cameron's (founder of Maximum Impact Travel) life.



Traveling to Africa is not difficult. Be sure to watch our extensive online orientation that will answer many of your questions about traveling to Ghana and other African countries.


Meet the Host

Jay Cameron

President Maximum Impact Travel

With a multi-faceted career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Jay Cameron’s expertise as an entrepreneur, world traveler, speaker, playwright, community leader and philanthropist is unparalleled. Jay's ventures have been featured in media publications and news outlets nationwide.


As a result of Jay's experiences, the Maximum Impact Travel movement was launched with an emphasis on African diaspora travels around the globe. Jay desires to introduce as many people as possible to the inspiring cultures, powerful history, profound education and wonderful people he encountered on his journeys. His passion and energy for African diaspora travel is evident the moment he shares one of his many experiences. 

Be sure to join Jay on one of the upcoming Ghana trips. 


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Temika M. - Jacksonville, FL

What an amazing and eye opening experience! Ghana has a lot to offer culturally and historically. You will definitely see that it's nothing like we're conditioned to "think" of Africa. Our tour group was awesome and I plan to return with my family in the near future. I highly recommend Maximum Impact. Thank you Jay for this amazing experience!

Jerome C. - Phoenix, AZ

This trip was flat out awesome! Jay was phenomenal as the host for this trip and the tour guide, Nana was very hands on and personable. The group was fantastic - 30 people! I plan on keeping in touch with them. This is going to be something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Marc E. - Baltimore, MD

I had a wonderful time. The history and the warmth of the people was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed touring the country and visiting both the rural and urban areas. I look forward to returning for another visit.


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