Maximum Impact Tours was established to bring together those who want to visit and learn more about the African diaspora. The CEO, Jay Cameron, began in Ghana and has since traveled to other countries. He witnessed what is vastly different than what is portrayed in western media. Cameron wanted to share in his newfound knowledge and wonderful experiences with others. He also wanted to dispel the myths and showcase the astounding beauty of the continent and its people.

Cameron encourages, inspires, and leads others to visit the continent and beyond in the diaspora. He understood the importance of creating a well-rounded, comprehensive, and entertaining tour. With his change in perspective, Jay recognizes the value of leaving America to visit outside of its shores. Traveling beyond is transformative. It is life-changing in that once held to be true becomes seen as false. It was a way to elevate one group of people over the rest of the world. Maximum Impact Tours provides extraordinary international journeys without consuming a huge part of your finances. Keep posted on our tour dates. We welcome you to join us on one of our excursions with Maximum Impact Tours!

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With a multi-faceted career that has spanned nearly 30 years, Jay Cameron’s expertise as an entrepreneur, world traveler, speaker, playwright, community leader and philanthropist is unparalleled. Jay's ventures have been featured in media publications and news outlets nationwide.


As a result of Jay's experiences, the Maximum Impact Travel movement was launched with an emphasis on African diaspora travels around the globe. Jay desires to introduce as many people as possible to the inspiring cultures, powerful history, profound education and wonderful people he encountered on his journeys. His passion and energy for African diaspora travel is evident the moment he shares one of his many experiences. 

Be sure to join Jay on one of his upcoming trips!

Jay Cameron

President Maximum Impact Travel