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​Connecting the African Diaspora To African Destinations Around The World

Are you passionate about traveling, but don’t have the time to put it all together?

Let Maximum Impact Tours create your dream escape vacation.

Maximum Impact Tours unites people to the magnificent continent of Africa and the African diaspora in America, the Carribean, Canada, Europe, Central and South America. People want to go to Africa to witness for themselves the culture, attractions, people, and stunning landscapes. The continent abounds with the remnants of ancient civilizations, waterfalls, distinctive animal and plant life, delightful foods, and traditional songs and dances.

Each escorted tour is carefully planned by Maximum Impact Tours to highlight the unique history and landscape of the African Diaspora. Prior to setting the itinerary for a trip, Maximum Impact Tours visits each site to ensure the traveler gets the maximum experience. We investigate accommodations, restaurants, safari adventures, beaches, historical sites, as well as the hidden treasures on off-beaten paths. With safety and financial considerations in mind, we provide tours that are surely worth its weight in gold.

Whether you are looking to join one of our planned tours or are a group looking to learn more about investing, Maximum Impact Tours will provide the way.


Let us remove the uncertainty of international travel while

creating an experience of a lifetime.

Maximum Impact Tours does all the work prior to arrival to set up visitors for unrivaled experience. We will,

  • design the itinerary

  • arrange ground transportation

  • reserve accommodations

  • provide travel insurance information

  • collect payments/fees

  • provide relevant information about the local customs, regulations, events, travel concerns

  • identify and locate medical facilities

  • and other travel services

Maximum Impact Tours offers pre-destination services including recommending places where you can obtain your passport, travel visas and travel insurance. We also inform you about current currency exchange rates, denominations, local currency, and duty and customs restrictions. We will research travel notifications, including restrictions and alerts and adjust as necessary. In case of civil unrest or natural disaster, to ensure the safety of travelers, Maximum Impact Tours provides the U.S. Department of State the trip itinerary for an extreme case when evacuation is required. To minimize culture shock, we will present rudimentary knowledge of the customs, local foods, cultural etiquette, and potential scams. And for added pleasure, we will teach you how to say a few words in the local language. Maximum Impact Travel offers extensive online trainings to prepare you for your trip. Once your deposit is secured, you will be provided the information to participate in a series of online courses. You can view these courses at your convenience. 

The pricing to travel with Maximum Impact Tours is cost effective and worthwhile. We seek the best accommodations and adventures for the lowest available prices.


Be a traveler…let Maximum Impact Tours take care of the details!

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